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Why You Can’t Afford to Stop Exercising as You Age
August 9, 2022

We’ve been taught from our youngest years that exercise is good, but does that hold true at every stage in life? What happens when your body starts to age, and the things that once kept you fit don’t feel quite right anymore? Maybe you ran or walked several miles a day, but now it hurts your knees. Or maybe that…

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U.S. News & World Report Names Summit Vista 2022-23 Best Independent Living Community
May 19, 2022

We are so excited to announce that Summit Vista has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a 2022-23 Best Independent Living Community. It is such an honor to receive this award as it is only granted to communities that meet certain criteria and who illustrate exceptional performance on customer satisfaction surveys.   In the independent living category…

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Summit Vista Recognized By EFA Design Showcase
May 11, 2022

“We wanted to create a place our residents would love. I think this proves we’re on the right track.” Summit Vista CEO, Mark Erickson, was excited to comment on Summit Vista’s honorable mention in the Environments for Aging Design Showcase. “It feels good to know that our efforts are paying off,” he said. “I’m glad our residents are as pleased…

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The Benefits Of Music As We Age
April 29, 2022

Have you ever flipped on the radio only to hear a song that immediately took you back to a certain place or time in your life? Music has a profound ability to impact all of us at so many levels and in so many ways—and there’s no need to be a trained musician to fully appreciate, or even enjoy it….

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6 Easy Reasons to Downsize
March 28, 2022

If you’re approaching or already knee-deep in retirement, chances are you’ve asked yourself the question: should I downsize? And if you’re like many, you probably find that question somewhat difficult to answer. After all, making the decision to leave the family home is never an easy one.   However, there are plenty of benefits to downsizing to a smaller, more…

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The Hottest Trends For Boomers In 2022
February 22, 2022

Despite recent lockdowns and limitations, the world seems to be moving faster than ever—and staying in the know of what is happening around us can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a seemingly endless supply of resources right at our fingertips.   Thanks to social media and search engine metrics that keep track of what’s earning the most clicks, even the…

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From Summit Vista to Summiting Mountains
February 15, 2022

For many people, climbing to the peak of a mountain is nothing more than a bucket list item. For Carol Masheter, however, climbing one peak was not enough. On a recent trip to Ecuador, Carol was able to reach the summit of Fuya Fuya (14,000 ft.), Imbabura (15,000 ft.), Cayambe (19,000 ft.), and Cotopaxi (19,350 ft.). In total, Carol reached…

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10 Healthy Reasons to Reduce Your Sugar Intake
January 27, 2022

When we think of sugar, we tend to cook-up a nearly endless assortment of smile-inducing treats. After all, sugar has a sweet reputation—and one bite of a triple-chocolate brownie more than supports it.   But when it comes to health, that sweetness tends to leave a slightly bitter aftertaste. That’s not to say sugar is bad and should be eliminated…

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6 Simple Health Tips for 2022
January 27, 2022

The new year is here and, for many of us, it comes with a greater resolve to eat healthy and stay fit—or at least do better than we did the year before in those two areas. So, if you’ve decided that 2022 is the year dedicated to changing your habits and living a happier, healthier lifestyle, here are a few…

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