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“Living at Summit Vista is like living at a resort. Everything you think you might need or want to have is a part of the environment. The staff are especially thoughtful and generous with their time. Their efforts to make you comfortable, happy and welcome are appreciated.”

Bonnie W.

“It’s a joy to awake every morning in our beautiful Summit Vista apartment and know that the day will be well spent with friends and fun activities.”

Quinten H.

“Folks unfamiliar with Summit Vista might say, ‘Oh, I’m not ready for a place like that.’ I would suggest that they are only seeing one option for themselves—to hang onto life as they have known it, life down in their valley. I would invite them to let go, to join us here at the Summit, to see the 360-degree Vista of the potential life still has.”

Mike P.

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Explore the comfort and affordability of apartment homes designed to meet your every need and desire.

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Discover what current residents have to say about Summit Vista’s vibrant and welcoming community.

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Find out how every aspect of Summit Vista is designed to help you bring your ideal vision of retirement to life.